Theraband Latex Resistance Tubing - Black - Special Heavy Resistance

  • Thera-Band Tubing is available in a range of six colour-coded levels of resistance Proper use of the Thera-Band system for resistance exercise provides the user with both positive and negative force on the muscles, improving strength, range of motion and cooperation of muscle groups. The colour-coded progressive resistance levels, allows clear, structured and visual documentation of progress from one level to the next. With Thera-Band Tubing, measuring a user’s progress and achieving goals for fitness or therapy is easier than ever before. The different resistance levels are determined by the thickness of the tubing in use with the clearly colour-coded levels increasing in difficulty from the easiest Yellow (Light), to the hardest, Silver (Super Heavy). This comprehensive system provides positive reinforcement and feedback for gauging results.

    • Theraband can be packed away easily taking up no space, so its great for travelers who want to maintain their exercise program while on the move or simply a handy piece of low cost exercise equipment to use at home.
    • Used extensively by physiotherapists to help in rehabilitation, improve range of movement and improve co-ordination.
    • Excellent for helping in rehabilitation, yoga and resistance training.
    • Colour coded band allow you to choose the most appropriate resistance and elasticity for you. Yellow is best suited to those with severe muscle weakness or recovering from illness, whilst gold is a favourite amongst body builders and catapult enthusiasts. .
    • Progressing through the colours allows you to gauge your athletic improvement.

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